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Sunday, December 9, 2012

This printed edition of Autobiography of a Yogi from Self-Realization Fellowship publishers is the only accurate and most complete edition as the author ordered it to be produced in its final state.
1946 editions (being sold by other publishers and in ebooks) are incomplete and out of date,
 and may not be fully accurate as to Yogananda's final visions for his divine legacy.
This autobiography is changing the lives of millions, just as the Master prophesied.

How did Paramahansa Yogananda set up a secure system for His future publications by Self-Realization Fellowship Publisher to ensure the best quality and accuracy of these works?
Firstly, from His early days to the present time, he appointed persons to do this work who were not only skilled at editing, but also were spiritually in tune with the Guru and deeply understood His teachings. Other persons and publishers who have attempted to set themselves up as the Master's representatives had neither the spiritual qualities, the loyalty of the understanding of his teachings to properly do this. Yet they still put Yogananda's name on books not written or authorized by Him. He said of Tara Mata eg , "I am deeply indebted to Miss L.V. Pratt[Tara Mata] for her long editorial labors over the manuscript of this book[Autobiography of a Yogi."[ and to Richard Wright and to Dr. WY Evans Wentz  etc]

Secondly, instead of relying on only one persons view of the proper editing of these sacred works,
besides having more than one editor in chief, Yogananda also appointed a group of persons to review and officially approve each book before publication. This body is known as "The International Publications Council of Self-Realization Fellowship." All these individuals [until very recently]were with the Master for a considerable period of time and personally trained by Him. You will no doubt see by the quality and radiance of these publications that they contain the Masters living presence as well. They also contain the loving loyalty of all dedicated persons who served this great work.
No other organization can make this claim [ of being approved by council trained by the master] . Other publishers have mainly relied upon a less spiritually advanced persons opinions on what Yogananda's teachings represented and are therefore not always as reliable. Such a one person show is also effected by their personal agendas and misunderstandings. Hence a lot of doubtful books are out their with Yogananda's name on as the author- which clearly He was not. This is your first clue that something is wrong!

For what it's worth, from my lifetime of personal studies and practice of these SRF/YSS teachings, I would certainly say that SRF Publishers have done a remarkable job of remaining true to the Masters teachings, ideals, and Legacy.
I fully trust the Publications from SRF/YSS.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Joanne and Dotti in Philly 1990?
Joanne with dad[Ken] and mom [Irene] 1955

Joanne and Montreal cousins 1967

Tony, Joanne, Sally, Nino, 1976


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

one of Daya Mata's dear devotees.
a yogini of deep realization!

Her son and grandson C 2004